Before the Messiah

Before the Messiah, in the long reaches of time before human thought, God made the world perfectly and beautifully and filled with infinite complexity.

He set a man and woman, Adam and Eve, in the heart of His garden there to be close to them and walk in relationship with them. They were made in His image. Genesis says that He would “walk with them in the cool of the day,” like a friend.

Adam and Eve were given everything they needed. With all the world at their disposal, they were given only one rule: They could not eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, or they would die.

Satan, a fallen angel who had set himself against God, inhabited the form of a snake and spoke smooth words to them to trick them with questions. The one who sought only to separate them from God and cause their ultimate destruction led them to question God—and ultimately choose to disobey God. Their choice separated them from the intimate Presence of God. It was, in practical fact, a rejection of God, and their sin completely changed their relationship.

But through thousands of years and a long line of shepherds and kings, farmers and carpenters, God set His plan in motion. He would not abandon His beloved people to the destroyer, but would make a way for them...through Himself...

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