The Mahdi

In Islamic lore, the Mahdi, or Guided One, is a messiah figure...the redeemer of Islam. This Guided One will come to bring justice and righteousness to the earth. He will end tyranny and bring peace to the world for a number of years (the exact number is debated by the various sects).

The sects also debate the identity of this legendary figure. But some say he will fight these injustices alongside Jesus...

The Lion of Judah

They do not know who the Mahdi is...

But Muslims, know this:

The Mahdi has come, before the writing of the Quran, and was not recognized. They called Him, the Holy Son of God, a prophet. And they subordinated Him to Muhammad...a man.

The Mahdi will come again, and you will know Him: He will be unmistakable.

But will you be on His side? He is Jesus, the Messiah. The Holy One, not a prophet. The sinless Son of God born not of man's seed, but through a miracle of the Holy Spirit.

Know that the Lion of Judah is coming. The enemies of the Lion, our Messiah, will fight against His people and will be utterly destroyed in the Valley of Megiddo..

It has been foretold, and it is certain. The prophecies of the Book of Daniel have shown themselves faultless and accurate in the thousands of years that have passed since their writing.

Muslim nations, not understanding the truth, of a Messiah who would give Himself, dying on the Cross to bring them into right relationship with the one God--the God who is knowable, holy, and filled with an unfathomable love for His children.

Let all--man, woman, and child--come to God and call Him Father. Let all look upon the face of His Mahdi, Jesus, and know that He is both fully God and fully human. To our God, all things are possible, even the astounding love in His incarnation. To say otherwise is to deny that God is God. Amen.

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