Sin and a Different Moksha

More than anything, God wants relationship with us. He created a beautiful world for us to enjoy, filled with marvelous and perfect detail. He wants us to have good things and loves us beyond anything we can imagine.

And yet our choices so often lead us into dark and destructive paths. So often, we insist on our own will...and then blame God when things go wrong.

God loves us beyond price. He sent His one and only Son Jesus Christ, Himself without stain, to die for you—to redeem you and pay the price for your transgressions.

Separation from God

Of course, “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” The more we try to resist temptation on our own, the more we realize how much power it has over us. We just can’t do it on our own.

And yet we cannot go on that way and hope to stand in God’s presence someday. He is holy. Imagine throwing a pig’s carcass in a mosque or synagogue and you begin to understand in the smallest way the revulsion a holy God must feel toward our actions.

Our sins separate us from God. Every horrible thing in the world, from rape to lying to murder to theft or adultery come from a rejection of God—a decision to insist on what we want and go our own way.

The Different Moksha

But God loved us so much, He sent His one-and-only begotten Son, sinless and holy, to take our offenses upon Himself, to be tortured and die for us in humbleness in a public execution. Jesus Christ died on a Roman cross for us, crying out words of forgiveness to us all, and He was buried. They placed guards around the tomb Joseph of Arimathea gave to Him. But when the third day came, there was nothing left to guard...

Messengers from God came to roll the stone of the tomb away and proclaim the Good News to all who came: He is alive!

Jesus conquered death and hell, won the victory over the destructive powers of our rebellious choices, and came back for us all. He came back to enable us to do the impossible: to stand in the presence of God as His own beloved children.

It is assured. Only one thing is required...

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