Ten Avatars of Vishnu

Hindus believe Lord Vishnu came to walk among them as ten avatars at different times throughout the ages. From fish to man to machine (and many designs in between!), the form Vishnu is seen to have had was in tune with the age.

Vishnu's avatars are, in order:

1) Matsya – A fish

2) Kurma – A turtle

3) Varaha – A boar

4) Narasimha – Half man/half lion

5) Vamana – Small, primitive man

6) Parasurama – A Brahman man

7) Rama – Man (hero of the epic legend, the Ramayana)

8) Krishna – Man (central character of the Mahabharata, of which the Bhagavad Gita is a part)

9) Buddha – Man (prince and renunciate who founded the Buddhist religion)

10) Kalki – Machine-man. This future avatar of Vishnu is to come riding on a white horse, sword blazing, to destroy the world at the end of this age (Kaliyuga) and recreate a golden age.

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